Safety in our schools.

Schools and security should be our first priority. We offer solutions in entrance door security.

Unfortunately, this is a major concern for us all. Our Intruder Locksets create an amazing safety, lockable entry door solution when a threat is alerted.

Contact us today to learn how we can upgrade your facility to the newest in educational door locking assemblies.


California ADA Compliant Doors

California educational system requires CA Compliant ADA accessible doors. We have complete knowledge in this field to keep you within the rules. If you need a door to swing the opposite way,  change the size or redesign the handle or lockset, we have you covered. Let's get you compliant today!


Metal door repair, and reworking.

From undersize/oversize doors we can resize to your needs. Rust, dents, cracks, broken, we can help! New lock preps and repair.

Did you order a wrong size, or is your new door prepped wrong? We can fix it and get you back on track! No job to small or too big.


Since 1993

Our dedication and focus

Our background in the commercial door industry sets us aside from anyone else.

Our sales and engineering team have been around forever it seams like. Any question, or issue you may have can be worked out.

Our installation crew is top of the line.
Along with install, we can perform any onsite door repair. This includes metal welding and fabrication. Including wood door repair as well.

Give us a call and let's see what how we can help!